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Introduction to STRIPS Planning and Applications in Video-games (SapienzaUniversity-2012)

In the last few weeks I have been in Italy, teaching a short course related to Artificial Intelligence and Video-games.

The course  was offered in the Ph.D. program in Computing Science and Engineering of the Sapienza University in Rome, Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering.  Part of the material covered was also presented as invited lectures in the Artificial Intelligence in Games and Videogames M.Sc. course taught by Prof. Marco Schaerf.

The course aims to provide an introduction to the techniques currently used for the decision making of non-player characters (NPCs) in commercial video games, and show how a simple deliberation technique from academic artificial intelligence research can be employed to advance the state-of-the art.

The course is fairly introductory mostly aimed for first-year Ph.D. students and M.Sc. students, and is also appropriate for last-year undergraduate students.

All the material presented in lectures is available at

Progressing basic action theories with non-local effect actions (PLS-2009)

Please refer to the longer version of the paper that has been published in Commonsense 2009 here.

Webpage construction begins..

Just started doing my web page (it was about time). Here’s a few tests for HTML p classes.

blockquote test

p class code test

p class alert test

p class construction test

p class donwload test

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