A Feasible Approach to Disjunctive Knowledge in Situation Calculus (M.Sc. Thesis)

A Feasible Approach to Disjunctive Knowledge in Situation Calculus, Stavros Vassos, M.Sc. Thesis, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, 2005.
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In this thesis we present Lp, a reinterpretation of situation calculus based on intuitions from many-valued logics. The key difference is that the notion of truth is based on the fact that a term is interpreted into a set of objects rather than one single object and equality is interpreted as “possibly equals”. Lp is suitable for defining action theories that capture fluent-based disjunctive knowledge, which means that any incomplete knowledge the theory captures is limited to be about the value of one fluent each time. This essentially enforces an independence assumption on the fluents which allows for efficient evaluation mechanisms. We show that like situation calculus a similar regression theorem holds in Lp. Furthermore, we prove that Lp can be embedded in situation calculus and show how a special form of Lp theories can be soundly implemented in Prolog and the agent programming language Indigolog.


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